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Hello! My name is Amelia DeWitt. I’m the writer for the Barely a Princess book series. (First book due to release in Early 2019) I’m also a self-proclaimed princess, programmer, graphic designer, cosplayer, revivalist, entrepreneur, otaku, conservationist, and waifu to my lovely spouse @elfinpen; who I give all my gratitude to for encouraging me to finally sit and write. We’ve also been happily living in KCMO since 2015 with our overabundant cats and one dog. We have wonderful friends and a church that we can stand behind.

I’ve always been a fan of Disney IPs, particularly Frozen. Princess Anna is my spirit princess, in case you were wondering. In the last year, I’ve come to a crossroads in my life, having dealt with depression and deep emotional hurt since I was young. Looking at literature for answers, I felt there was a lack of stories that dealt with the darker reality of not only emotional abuse and identity as a person but fairy tales in general – that also didn’t suck. That was where my idea for book series was born.