Barely a Princess

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Based in the fjord regions of Quebec, Canada, during the 1820s. Barely a Princess is a book about a girl named Anika who is a princess to the kingdom of Bergendelle, a moderately sized kingdom with a long ruling royal family descended from norse-men explorers who colonized North America between 1000-1100 AD. After hundreds of years of wars between kingdoms and raiders, Bergendelle became the super power of North America, consisting of land belonging to modern day, Quebec, Ontario, and New York.

Princess Anika is 17 years old and the fifth born daughter to King Anthony. You would think having four older sisters would be hard enough but Anika has always felt like something wasn’t right, her mother, Queen Wilhelmina, has always treated her with a pretense of shame or displeasure. Anika learned to mind her place but one evening during her sister Cornelia’s coming out party, she falls in love with Prince Stephen from the kingdom of New France; Bergendelle’s closest neighbor to the north. Anika decides to introduce the prince to her Mother but after a harsh argument that broke Anika’s heart, she foolishly ran away into the woods. After being ambushed by demonic creatures known as imps, her father comes in to rescue her by using a strange magic that she never knew he possessed, however, it came at a cost. As the imps were defeated, the king’s body lifelessly fell from his horse, she soon discovered that he had begun to turn to stone and was bed ridden that very night.

The next morning, Anika’s eldest sister, Princess Elizabeth, decided it was finally time to tell Anika of all she knows about the FAMILY CURSE.

Release Date: 2019